Our Vision

With Love believes that all people, regardless of income, race, social status, location, language are all equally valuable and inherently deserve the same access/opportunities as any other. When that is not the case, due to decisions, systems and consequences of the past and present, it puts the present and future members of that community in a hole that is hard to get out of. With Love has the goal to help right things that are wrong by both helping people out of the hole and working with them to fill that hole in so they and others will not fall back in. Together, With Love, we can make a difference in LA!

With Love as a Social Enterprise

The concept of social entrepreneurship is centered not just on mission, but on entrepreneurship, making a social benefit-focused organization become more like a business. The idea is that nonprofits can benefit from the focus of for-profit businesses – customer focus, sound strategy, effective planning, efficient operations, financial discipline. Hopefully the social entrepreneur focuses as intently on excellence in all of these as any back-to-the-wall for-profit entrepreneur. For them, as perhaps it should be for all of us, success is social value. (Forbes)

We love Southwest LA, the people, the families, the schools, etc., and believe that through strategic investment of our time and resources, we can be a part of helping our community access their potential. A social enterprise is a new name for what most businesses used to be, real members of their community. As they say old things get made new, we hope to be a contributing member of the Southwest LA community.

With Love, as a social enterprise, will face difficulties in trying to balance a multiple bottom-line business ( not only about making profits, but also creating sustainable community impact in health, education, access, opportunities, etc.). Each of these things are just as valuable as another, which is inherently a challenge for the business owners/operators.

We encourage customers to support our vision by shopping at and sharing about With Love Market & Cafe to your friends and neighbors. We can make this type of business, social enterprises, a staple in our communities. In order to do so, we need to support them whenever we are able. That will help us social-entrepreneurs have sustainable impact in Los Angeles urban neighborhoods!