With Love Community Programs

A division of Compassion Creates Change


With Love Market & Cafe also has a non-profit arm called With Love Community Programs. A portion of the profits from the Market & Cafe will be reinvested into the community through Community Programs.

Community Classes 

We believe pairing food/health education with food access is extremely important. Our programs include topics such as food education and cooking demos, exercise groups, financial skill workshops, supporting education, and more! Be sure to follow  our social media to stay updated on what we will be offering! Go to our instagram and facebook pages now to find out about upcoming classes.

Youth Internships

Profits from With Love Market & Cafe will also be reinvested into the community through youth and young adult internships. Through these internships, we will provide youth in our community with an opportunity to learn work skills and habits which will give them a foundation for their future working relationships and careers. We have partnered with local schools and other existing programs as a work site, but eventually we will develop our own curriculum to be a stand alone internship program, benefiting the South LA community!

Community Partners

With Love believes that partnership with other businesses, non-profits, churches and schools are ESSENTIAL to making a difference in LA. Let’s work together to positively affect others and make an impact bigger than ourselves. Each of With Love’s partnerships are based on that theory and we recommend you to work with/patronize/support our partners as well. We can work together to help LA be a rising tide for all people!