Heart Work LA Reservation

Tired of working from home?

Need a cost-effective workspace?

Looking for inspiration to achieve your goals?

Heart Work LA is your work space solution! Located above the coffee bar, you are guaranteed reliable private Wifi, printing access, and a hot desk appropriately spaced out to ensure your safety. Productivity made simple!

For One-Time passes,

email [email protected] to book your hot desk.

For Membership options,

fill out an application here: membership application

Hourly desks

We also offer hourly desk rentals for $5/hour!

This option is ideal if you only need a work desk for an hour or 2. Simply ask the barista at the counter if there are hourly desks available, and they’ll get you booked for the time you purchased. Easy!

For a guaranteed hourly desk, email [email protected] to book your desk.