Here at With Love, we are passionate about healthy food access in our South LA neighborhood. What better way to impact more people than to cater your next event With Love!


We cater for a WIDE VARIETY of events… whether you have a birthday party, office meeting, or just want some healthy grub delivered for a family get together; we’ve got you covered! We also provide catering for larger events including conferences, retreats, and even weddings! No matter the size of your event, you will always be cared for and greeted with a friendly smile and great customer service.



We brew so you don’t have to! Perfect for early morning meetings to fuel the masses!

Coffee-To-Go Container

Everyone’s a little happier when there’s coffee involved! Premium coffee, cups, sugar, half and half and/or milk alternative.

$19.95 (96oz)

Coffee (for groups of 50+)

Planning a large event? Our coffee station comes complete with cups, cream, sugar, and stir sticks!

$1.75 / person

Cold Brew Coffee

Too hot for coffee? Opt for our cold brew, brewed to perfection for over 15 hours!

$10.95 (48oz) /
$20.95 (96oz)


Our Teas are Certified Fair Trade & Organic!

Specialty Hot Tea (for groups of 50+)


Specialty Iced Tea

Our tea is steeped for 24 hours.

$8.95 (48oz) / $15.95 (96oz)


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

$10.95 (48oz) /
$19.95 (96oz)

House-Made Lemonade

$7.95 (48oz)

House-made Horchata

$9.95 (48oz)


Serves approximately 10-15 people


Sweet & Salty Snack Assortment (32oz)

Satisfy that sweet tooth and savory cravings with this mixture
of bite-size snacks! No artificial sweeteners.


Cookie Tray (12 assorted large cookies, cut in half (24 pieces))

Choose from chocolate chip, peanut butter, & meyer lemon.
*Upgrade to premium homemade cookies:
chocolate chunk, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin!


Cupcakes (by the dozen) Handmade Sweet Creations by Beth TM

Choice of red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, and snicker doodle.
*Custom cakes available upon request.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Add any pre-packaged item from our market! Popular options include: Fig Bars, Cliff Bars, Skinny Pop, Pirates Booty & more!


Chip Bowl (32oz)

Gluten Free, Non-GMO


Chips and Salsa (32oz Chips + Salsa)

Gluten Free, Non-GMO


Cheese and Cracker Platter

Premium cheese and fine crackers


Veggie Platter

A variety of vegetables with house-made ranch dip or hummus


Potato or Macaroni Salad

$2.95 each

Grilled Veggies

Bell peppers, onions, carrots, & potatoes grilled to perfection.

$2.95 each


Your choice of Pollo Guisado or BBQ Pulled Pork on a brioche bun.

$3.50 each


Come and get it… the most important meal of the day!

Mixed Pastries and/or Bagels

Grab a plate of sweet and savory pastries including, New York style coffee cake, seasonal muffins and assorted bagels with cream cheese.

$19.95 (half dozen) / $35.95 (dozen)

Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl (32oz) serves 10-15

Seasonal fresh fruit cut for your enjoyment.


Assorted Whole Fruit Bowl

Seasonal fruit hand-picked from the With Love Market produce section.

$1 / piece

Parfait Bar (for groups of 50+)

Looking for a lighter breakfast? Our parfait bar comes stocked with yogurt, fruit & granola!

$2.95 per person

Breakfast Taco Bar (for groups of 25+)

Includes 2 tacos per person. Customize quantities of protein, meat, and sides. Add avocado for $.50/per person.

$6.95 per person

Breakfast Tacos

Build your perfect taco on a corn or flour tortilla.
1. Pick One: chorizo, soyrizo, bacon
2. Pick Two: potatoes, beans, cheese

$3.50 each

Breakfast Bowls

Two scrambled eggs, potatoes, beans, and your choice of chorizo, soyrizo, ham, or bacon on white or brown rice with melted cheddar cheese.

$8 each


We offer a wide variety of sandwiches, including vegetarian and vegan (by request). Order a platter for your group or add to a lunch box for meals on the go!


Turkey sandwich

Turkey, lettuce, tomato & hummus on a french roll.

$7 each

Veggie Sandwich

Bell peppers, lettuce, cucumber & hummus on a french roll.

$7 each

Regular Lunch Box (minimum order of 10)

Any regular sandwich with a bag of chips, and piece of fruit or cheese.

$10 each


Choose up to 3 premium sandwiches to create a platter.

Chicken BLT

Grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, house-made yogurt ranch, lettuce & tomato on sourdough.

$9 each


Pulled-pork carnitas, ham, swiss cheese, pickles with mustard & mayonnaise on pillowy ciabatta.

$9 each

Eggplant & Olive VEGAN

Grilled eggplant, sliced bell peppers, and house-made olive tapenade on sourdough.

$9 each

Tuna (Mediterranean Style, No Mayo)

Tuna, chickpeas, lettuce, pickles, and swiss cheese on pillowy ciabatta.

$9 each

Premium Lunch Box (minimum order of 10)

Class up your conference! Full premium sandwich, bag of chips fresh cut fruit & side salad.

$13 each


Our protein bowls are a BIG HIT… jam-packed with flavor over your choice of white or brown rice or mixed greens. Order individual bowls OR a party size platter!

Individual size bowls

Choose up to 3 protein bowl options from list below. Served with white or brown rice or mixed greens.

$9.95 each

Party size platter

Choose up to 3 protein bowl options from list below, Served with white or brown rice (for parties of 15 or more).

$9.25 per person


Pollo Guisado

Shredded marinated chicken with cherry pepper, corn, and chopped cilantro (medium spicy)

BBQ Pulled Pork

Pulled pork, black beans and pickle chips with spicy BBQ sauce (medium spicy)

Smoked Vegan Mole VEGAN

Grilled bell pepper steak and carrots, smoked vegan mole and chopped cilantro

Marinated Pork Carnitas

Pulled pork carnitas, sliced avocado, corn and chopped cilantro with tomatillo salsa


WE LOVE SALADS! And ours are always fresh and delicious!

Turkey Cobb Salad

Turkey, bacon pieces, hard boiled egg, shaved parmesan, buttery croutons with blue cheese dressing.

$7.50 (entree)

Chicken Caesar Salad

Our classic and hearty entree salad. Marinated chicken breast with shaved parmesan, and buttery croutons.

$7.50 (entree)

Kale Berry Salad

Seasonal berries, massaged kale, almonds & carrots tossed in our house-made sea salt vinaigrette.

$3.00 (side) / $6.50 (entree)

Fruit Side Salad

Freshly cut seasonal fruit. It doesn’t get much better!

$3.50 (side)


We are happy to provide delivery service for orders of $100 or more. All orders must be placed at least 36 hours prior to event.

0-2 miles $10.00
2-5 miles $15.00
Downtown LA $20.00 + parking validation
5-10 miles $25.00
Pickup Free

For custom orders

Email [email protected] or call 213.817.7290 ext 2.