Community Investors

Our dream of creating a healthy food business, job training site, community meeting space, and a safe, beautiful place for families in our neighborhood to gather, has become a reality! Now it’s time to become fully community-owned and grow our impact in South LA and beyond. You are invited to partner with us, and the documents/videos on this page will show you how!


Phase 1 – Pruning! Paying off startup loans and debt.

Currently, after paying down a significant amount of our startup loan, we still have a large portion of our store revenues that go toward paying debt instead of growing the business and our community impact. Wiping out this debt would put the business in a sustainable position for many years to come!

Phase 2 – Growth! Adding a 2nd location.

Our plan is to add another location in the greater South LA area, increasing access to healthy foods, local jobs, and free community resources while creating operational efficiencies for the operating businesses. We are currently discussing potential partnerships to make this happen!

Phase 3 – Planting! Small-business seed program.

With Love will work with aspiring local entrepreneurs facing barriers to business ownership, providing training in the cafe business, free business courses through community partnerships, and more to prepare them for running their own business. Upon completion of the training portion of the program, each entrepreneur will get a fully-loaded cafe cart and a location to operate, along with continued support from With Love to make their new business a success! Our goal is to plant four new businesses a year throughout Los Angeles for five years, creating up to 20 new business-owning families in our community! Generational transformation made possible by your partnership with us.

Community Investor

Type of Security Equity (Class B Shares)
Eligibility Live, Work or Attend School in LA County All other CA Residents
Minimum Investment Amount $1,147 (5 Shares) $2,295 (10 Shares)
Maximum Investment 10% of Net Worth
Key Features*
  • Right to vote on decisions affecting With Love’s social purpose
  • Opportunity to elect a Director to the With Love Board
  • Economic benefits based on company performance
  • FREE Community Supporter Card
Payment Methods Check, Money Order or EFT

*NOTE: Any investment in With Love comes with substantial risk. There is very limited opportunity to get out of the investment once you are committed. You should not invest any money that you cannot afford to leave in the Company for a long time or even potentially lose completely. For more on Risks of investment, please see our Offering Circular.

*Minimum Investment is $1,147 and subject to residence requirements. If you are not ready to invest or are not a resident of CA, you can still be a partner in the success of With Love in other ways.

Email us to learn about out of state investment opportunities: [email protected]

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THIS OFFERING IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS AND CORPORATIONS OR OTHER ENTITIES DOMICILED IN CALIFORNIA. If you would like to invest in With Love but reside outside of California, please email [email protected] for more information.

Note: We are offering eligible California Residents the opportunity to become Community Investors under a permit issued by the California Department of Business Oversight. However, the Commissioner of Business Oversight does not recommend or endorse participation in these investments.

From the Founder

Andrew McDowell

The heart of With Love has always been community. When I first dreamed of making With Love a reality – long before the doors were open – I spoke to so many of you in person and through surveys about what you wanted and needed in the neighborhood. I did my best to build the business and the space you desired. This Offering represents the opportunity to weave our community even more deeply into the fabric of With Love.

As With Love grows, we have the opportunity to be not only community-focused, but also community-owned. I believe that With Love is at the perfect place for this type of transition in our community. With Love has a strong reputation in our community and we see in this Offering an opportunity to further establish the business for long-term impact and success.

If this Offering is successful, we will will have woven our community members into the business as shareholders/co-owners, with the right to share in what we hope to be sustained economic success and community-impact for many years to come.